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Eris and Mars

Xiao Hei & Xiao Bai


Breed: Abyssinian
Date of Birth: August 2020
Gender: Males (not neutered)

Do  you plan on having a large cage? Do you plan on furnishing the cage  with toys and hideys? Do you plan on going green by using guinea pigs as  your alarm clock? Then adopt Xiao Hei and Xiao Bai today!

Xiao Hei (Tri-colored)
Xiao  Hei is loud, clever, and active. If you like to engage your pig with  toys, treats and obstacles, Xiao Hei will be perfect for you. Xiao Hei  has an instinctual sense of time; he is able learn the human’s routine  and will wheek early when its feeding time. Unfortunately, Xiao Hei does  not understand the concept of weekends, so he would still try to wake  the humans up when they want to sleep in. His cheeky nature has a  downside – If he does not have enough space or hideys to play in, he  would disturb his cage mate, Xiao Bai.

Xiao Bai (White)
Xiao  Bai has a sweet and calm temperament. He makes the perfect lap pig to  cuddle with; he won’t complain and is very compliant. When Xiao Bai is  not being chased around by Xiao Hei, you can find him quietly lazing  near the hay. Xiao bai loves cushions, especially ones shaped like balls  (he loves to hump them). Xiao Bai had a bout of pneumonia as a baby in  late 2020, he has since made a smooth recovery. Xiao Bai is now  symptomless and has led a normal active life since the start of 2021, he  is not undergoing any medical treatment, nor does he currently need a  nebulizer. A GPRS volunteer will guide the adopter on how to recognize  symptoms of respiratory illness and how to use a nebulizer if the need  arises.

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