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Breed: Sheltie cross

Gender: Females (Only Mary is sterilised ) 

Est Ages: Rose - 4 years old, Mary - 3.5 years old

Rose and Mary are a beautiful sister-mother duo. They are pretty interactive piggies that will wheek loudly and even come to the edge of the cage for attention. They also both have voracious appetites and seem to enjoy free roams in a pig-safe room.

Mary (mother, tri-colour with black patches) is more receptive to human contact whereas Rose (daughter, tan-beige) is a little hesitant. All in all, they are really delightful piggies to have and would suit pawrents who prefer a more social pet at home.

Mary's front teeth are suspected to be chipped and can be fixed with dental. However, it has not affected her in any way so monitoring is needed for now.

Special requirement:
Rose will need to undergo sterilization after confirmation of adoption

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