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Rosie - Abyssinian
Bubbles - American

Gender: Females


Rosie - 1.5-2 years old (Spayed)

Bubbles - 6 mths - 1 year old

Rosie is confident and adventurous. She will not hide when you stroke or pat her in the cage and she will venture around during floor time. She loves head rubs but dislikes being touched on her sides or her feet and prefers not to be carried. She is very vocal pig and does show her temper when she dislikes what you are doing. Nevertheless, the snips and bites from her will not draw blood, it is just her way to warn you to stop whatever you are doing.

On the other hand, Bubbles is timid and reserved. Being the smaller pig, she is always wary of her surroundings and retreat to the hidey whenever she feels unsafe. She is a sweetie and despite looking like a full white pig, she has some black and brown fur on her crown and around one of her eyes which makes her look super cute. We love stroking her fur which is smooth and silky.

Sometimes the pair may have a little tiffs (chasing and snipping) when fighting over snacks or space. The different characters however make the duo live together peacefully most of the times.

They mainly eat pellets and lots of hay. Fresh vegetables like romaine lettuce, capsicums, occasional cucumber and corn husks/leaves are served as daily snacks. Rosie eats almost everything but Bubbles may be a little fussy. Romaine Lettuce/green capsicum (small quantity daily) and cucumbers (occasional) are their favourite snacks. 

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