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Breed: English Crested

Gender: Females


Rosy's DOB Jan 2021

Rudy's DOB Jun 2021

Rosy and Rudy are a momma-daughter pair! When they came to the rescue, they had bad dental health likely caused by improper diets from their previous living situation. Rudy had to go through a dental operation at only 8 months old, she weighed barely 370g. Thankfully, Rosy improved over time with a proper diet and Rudy bounced back well after her operation. 

Rosy (mother, white face)

Rosy is a cheeky girl who only lets you pat her if you have treats in your hand. She is more skittish, but if you have lap time with her, she'll melt as you pat her.

Rudy (daughter, black white face)

Rudy is a cutie who will stare at you if she wants to be fed and wheeks at the slightest smell of food. 

Special Requirements: 

They are required to see the vet every several months to ensure their dental health doesn't deteriorate again, otherwise, it could be a genetic issue.

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