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Bonded Female & Male

Breed: Sheltie


Summer – Female, not neutered

Mocha -  Male, neutered


Both – 2017

Summer – white with brown markings around eyes and bottom part
Summer is unbelievable curious and sweet! When she hears humans approaching, she holds up her head high and get a look like “ hey, what’s going on out there”? 

She loves to hide for a nap and find the most creative hideouts, could be in the middle of a big portion of hay or underneath a carpet which is normally used as their flooring in the cage. Summer is super bonded to Mocha, there is no fighting or any other issue in their relationship - she likes to follow Mocha and before she takes her bite on the carrot, she lets him try first to see if its really delicious.
Her character described in a few words:
1. Gentle
2. Curious
3. Adventurous

Mocha – two different shades of brown, and white behind his ears
He is the boss of the cage, always the first one who begs for food or the first one eating the salad. Mocha has curious looking red eyes and is a very friendly guinea pig, likes to be pet and enjoys when someone talks to him. Honestly, it seems he is really listening and understands what I am saying, specially when its about their next meal ;-).

He loves to reorganise the cage set-up, like an architect he is moving the houses or their pellet bowl, creating new running paths and hide-outs.
What Mocha loves most:
1. A fresh portion of hay
2. Being pet behind his ears
3. Attention

Special requirements:
They are both healthy and do not really have special requirements. The only thing to take care of is having an eye on Summer’s weight. She likes to eat a lot and therefore easily gains a few grams too much ;-)

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