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Males (not neutered)


Teddy – Sheltie

Taro – Peruvian & Abyssinian mix

Gender: Males (not neutered)


Teddy - Approx. May 2020

Taro – 2 Feb 2020

They are a very shy pair that likes to tunnel and hide. They are very well bonded, and sometimes form a piggy train if given a large area to roam around in. With lots of patience and tender loving care, they may open up and be friendlier.

Teddy (Black)

Of the two, Teddy does not mind head rubs and is a little easier to pick up from the cage. When it comes to food, you have to coax him from his hidey, Teddy will snatch and run back to eat in the darkness of his hidey.

Taro (Cream & light brown)

Taro is the more food motivated pig of the pair. He will come to you when he knows there are fresh vegetables to be had.

Special requirements:

Both are breeds with long fur (Taro more so than Teddy). They need regular grooming and more frequent cage cleaning. We strongly recommend the cage be placed in a cool area with good ventilation.

Teddy’s lower right molar is a little sharper than the rest, the Vet recommends giving them a mix of hay (2nd cut and rougher) to balance out his molars.

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