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Bonded Females

Breed: Coronet 

Gender: Females

Age/D.O.B: Oct 2020


Both like to eat capsicum, corn husks, romaine lettuces, oxbow treats and will wheek loudy for snacks. Not fussy about hay, eats stalky hay too.  They love their cage clean, you will see them popcorn after the cage is clean. It is a pleasure to see them running hopping in delight. 

Special requirements: 

Both were on yeast treatment before, they are cleared of yeast infection now.  Both have to be adopt together. 

Twinkle and Tinkerbell are biological sisters, they are still shy to human touch, at the same time, Twinkle is getting more used to be cuddle and caress. Giving them lots of TLC they will definitely opens up gradually. 

Both requires to be groom regularly as they have thick and long fur.  They have dense "sideburns" on their cheeks that makes them super adorable.  

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