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Breed: Umbreon (American Crested), Bidoof (Abyssinian), Spoink (Abyssinian)

Gender: Males 

Est Age: 7 months

Umbreon (Black with brown and white streaks)
♡ Baby of the Trio ♡
Think of him as your well-mannered boy-next-door. He’s the sweetest pig, would politely eat from your hand (and not run away with food), and would very patiently wait for you to be back for cuddles too. Though timid compared to his brothers, he can be easily bribed with bell peppers. Also, being gentle means he’s not the dominant type…so his brothers are always stealing his share of food. He’s a smol boy, teeny tiny, needs to be protected from all the harms and evils of the world.
Overall a pure boy, 10/10

Bidoof (Brown with White Bedhead)
♡  BFFs with Spoink ♡
Bidoof is the opposite of Umbreon. He’s loud, outgoing, boisterous, but not too dominant. He’ll be the first one to run to the door for food, he’ll be the one to steal any extra munchies from his brothers. (Hence, please do take note of his weight. He has to potential to get VERY chonky). Bidoof would willingly come to the door for pats, and would be chill for cuddle sessions, though he might complain sometimes as well….
Overall a good boy, 10/10

Last but not least, Spoink (Grey Bedhead)
♡ BFFs with Bidoof ♡
Spoink’s personality somewhat lies in the middle. He’s not as daring as Bidoof, yet not as chill as Umbreon. He’s like….chaotic neutral. He tries his hardest to gain the approval of Bidoof and it’s quite funny when he does it. Also known to steal food from Umbreon so there’s that. Adopters need to take note of his weight as well.
Overall a good boy, 10/10

Special Requirements: Bonded Brothers, currently no known underlying medical conditions, but Bidoof and Spoink loves to eat. So much so that they’ll gang up against the foster and Umbreon to take more food. So please, just watch their weight.

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