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Wilbur 7.jpeg



Breed: Abyssinian

Gender: Male

Age/D.O.B: 2 - 3 years old

Wilbur is longing for a forever cage mate his entire life. He has been a lone piggy till now.

I’m a lovable piggy who enjoys humans’ attention. I will nap on your lap once I do not feel threatened by you.  I turn into a diva when being picked up, during nail cutting & bath time.

Yes, yes, I need daily floor time if possible. Please be prepared I will pee & poo anytime, anywhere. When I’m put in a stressful situation, I will run back to my cage and find my own comfort in my hidey.

I am not a picky eater when it comes to vegetables but I like tomatoes, lettuce, and fresh herbs. I don’t like to eat the same type of vegetable for days, like capsicum but I’m aware it has more nutrients for me compared to other vegetables. Please give me a different variety of vegetables every day. I don’t mind having tomatoes but I know I can’t, sob sob……. I have a love-hate relationship with pellets.

Please give me a cage mate & take me to a loving forever home.

Special requirement:

Wilbur has overgrown molar teeth (by 1mm) as of 10 Dec’21 which requires 3 times yearly dental review to ensure it does not worsen which may poke into his tongue.

Will you be willing to give him a forever home with a new friend?

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