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Male (not neutered)

Breed: Coronet 

Gender: Male (not neutered) 

Age/D.O.B: 2yo and up

Wilford is part of an abandoned quartet, found in a cardboard box by a dustbin. Since being rescued by GPRS, he has adjusted well under our foster care and will definitely make a loving companion in a forever home.

Wilford is on high alert most of the time. Perhaps as a defense mechanism, the boy will try to evade your pats or attempts of carrying him while in the cage. But ironically, once he’s taken out for lap time, he really doesn’t mind human interaction; in fact, he absolutely adores chin scratches! Another adorable trait is that he wheeks loudly when it's about time for his meals. As he has long fur, Wilford's future pawrent will need to brush out his hair to prevent knots and matts.

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