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Breed: Abyssinian

Gender: Males (not neutered)

Age/D.O.B: August 2020

Xiao Hei and Xiao Bai are the Yin and Yang of guinea pigs, they have completely opposite personalities. Adopt them for the full guinea pig experience!

Xiao Hei (Tri-colored)
Xiao Hei’s name roughly translates to Blackie in mandarin, but as you can see, he is not entirely black. Xiao Hei is the dominant pig of the pair and will occasionally hump his cage mate in a show of dominance. He is loud, clever, active and likes playing with toys. If you like to engage your pig with toys, treats and obstacles, Xiao Hei will be perfect for you. His cheeky nature has a downside – he loves to chew on stuff, so do ensure that the cage and accessories are made with guinea pig safe materials.

Xiao Bai (White)
Xiao Bai in Mandarin means Whitey. He has a sweet and calm temperament. He makes the perfect lap pig to cuddle with; he won’t struggle and is very compliant. When Xiao Bai is not being chased around by Xiao Hei, you can find him quietly lazing near the hay.

Special requirements

Xiao Bai had a bout of pneumonia in late 2020, leaving his lung with some scaring as a result. Since then, Xiao Bai has made a smooth recovery; he is now symptomless and has led a normal active life since the start of 2021. Xiao Bai has completed his treatment in April 2021, and does not have any outstanding vet review. However, as a precaution, the vet has advised us to nebulize him for a week whenever there is a major change of environment (e.g. homestay trial). A nebulizer is needed, a GPRS volunteer will guide you on the purchase and use of a nebulizer.

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