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Breed: Sheltie

Gender: Male

DOB: 20/11/2018

Special requirements: Needs a nebuliser on standby

Yucca is still skittish and requires someone with patience to slowly get him used to human touch, sometimes he doesn't run away when you're approaching and he would stay for you to pat him.

Most of the time, Yucca would be resting in his hideouts but if you're lucky, you might spot him chilling in the open!

He was surrendered to us as he could not get along with the other piggy. Yucca is a dominant boy so he would need a submissive friend.

Yucca was certified healthy at the vet but came back with minor hooting (caused by blocked airways) possibly due to stress. The adopter needs a nebuliser on standby in case his hooting returns or his respiratory worsens.

Do you have a submissive boar and think you're the right one for Yucca?

Yucca: Service
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