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Breed: Abyssinian mix Peruvian  and Texel

Gender: Females


Zaru 2 years old, Soba 6 months old (D.O.B. 10 Apr 2021)

Both girls love their food, capsicum, coriander, corn husks, bok choy, fresh hay, pea flakes, and pallets.  Will come to you when hearing rustling sounds of plastic bag, because it means snack time.  

They are still shy to human touch, will need time to familiarise themselves with the new environment.  They love personal space therefore it will be fantastic if you can offer them a 4 x 2 cage with many interesting hiding places.  

Zaru (Aby mixed Peru) 

Zaru is the more vocal one, who will wheek loudly for food and treats.  She is the "queen" of the cage, trying to show dominance over the little sister.  She is also a creative interior designer that enjoys pushing the snap-inn hidey around the cage very much.

Soba (Texel)

Soba is a little baby that is still getting used to human touch and does not love being picked up. She has long fur that requires frequent combing to prevent matted fur.  Nebuliser is needed for her too, as she will have a 'hooting' sound when under stress, a clean cage is required, and less hay dust when feeding hay (she loves to dive into her hay when fresh hay is given).   

Special requirements:

- Lots of patience and love for both, they have an interesting dynamic relationship.  

- Nebulizer is needed for Soba.  

- 4 x 2 cage

- Both need a carrier each, they prefer personal space. 

- Both have to be adopted together.  

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