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Bonded Males

Breed: Abyssinian and American 

Gender: Males

Age/D.O.B: 3 years old / 2018

Zek & Reshi are an adorable duo who love playing around, taking relaxing naps, and just being overall cute. Their highlights of the day are every time they get lettuce and Vit C treats, and they show their appreciation by running around, popcorning, and making gentle squeaky sounds. They are well bonded and share their space comfortably. They are a bit suspicious of humans (haha), but they will form a bond with you with enough care and hand-fed treats. 

You can find out all about them from their Instagram page: where they have won many hearts.

Zek (White with black and brown)

Zek is out to win the fastest lettuce eating competition. He is extremely sweet and loves it when you help him drink water from his bottle. He also loves cherry tomatoes, sleeping in a pancake position, and initiating play with Reshi. 

Reshi (white and beige)

Reshi is a goofy little fellow. He is more forthcoming between the two. His face has a constant expression of wonder, awe, and anticipation. He loves eating pellets out of your hand, will allow you to pet him while he eats, and gets super excited for lettuce. He is constantly doing things that will make you laugh out loud. 

Special requirements

When Reshi & Zek came to their foster human, they had mild lung congestion which they have fully recovered from. 

Zek is recovering from a bladder inflammation (cystitis), which sometimes causes him discomfort while urinating. His future adopter would need to continue his daily medication, and keep him in a stress-free environment. Cystitis doesn’t affect their appetite or longevity. Note, Zek was fully examined (X-ray and ultrasound) by his vet for any other underlying conditions, and he passed with flying colors. 

Both have to be adopted together.

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