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Breed: Peruvian

Gender: Females

Age/D.O.B: Sept 2019

The Peruvian sisters are docile and lean slightly towards the timid side. Both are rather calm after the initial pick up. They make adorable wheeking sounds when they spot human preparing food in the kitchen.

Their hair parts naturally down the center of their back and extends to the face forming a fringe, giving them a stylish look. Zhao Cai and Jin Bao will be an ideal companion for adopters who enjoy grooming their guinea pigs. Peruvian guinea pig breed is capable of growing its hair to a maximum length of 24 inches. However, their fosterer prefer to keep their hair short and explore different hair cuts for them. 

The vet says that Zhao Cai may have heart mur mur. The Peruvian Sisters has been staying at their fosterer's place for 6 months without any issue and we believe they are ready for adoption. 

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