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Snuffles - American Shorthair
Latte - Ridgeback 

Gender: Male

DOB: 3-4 years old 

Snuffles is the tri-coloured American and Latte is the full beige male with the cool hair. Both boys came from different backgrounds but have since become bonded with each other over time. 

They love foraging in hay piles and wheeking for snacks when they hear bags ruffling. Both were initially on a homestay trial with 2 other males but Snuffles was dominant and kept picking fights, while Latte was the opposite and kept getting bullied. 

For those who are intending to expand their herd, it might be a challenge although not impossible. They might still be a better fit for adopters who want to keep 2 males instead of adding on. 

Both are still very cuddly although Latte is a little more on the skittish side. Do apply to adopt if you are interested in them!

Snuffles & Latte: Get Involved
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